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Module 3: Advanced Backlink Building

The Art of the Win-Win. In this module, we'll delve into the strategic art of broken link building.

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Module 3: Broken Link Building - A Strategic Approach

Advanced Backlink Building Techniques for Maximum Impact

Welcome to Module 3! In this module, we'll delve into the strategic art of broken link building, a powerful technique to acquire valuable backlinks for your website. Here, you'll learn how to identify broken links on relevant websites and craft compelling outreach emails to website owners, ultimately replacing those broken links with your high-quality content.

Have you ever encountered a broken link while browsing a website?  Frustrating, right?  Not only does it disrupt your user experience, but it also reflects poorly on the website itself.  This is where broken link building comes in, a powerful SEO technique that turns a negative into a positive for both you and the website owner.

Imagine this: you identify a broken link on a relevant website in your niche.  By offering your high-quality content as a replacement, you not only help them improve their website but also secure a valuable backlink for your own Wix website.  It's a win-win situation!

This module will equip you with the knowledge and tools to become a broken link building pro.  We'll explore effective techniques for identifying broken links, both manually and with the help of automation.  But most importantly, you'll learn how to craft compelling outreach emails that convince website owners to replace their broken links with yours, boosting your SEO and driving organic traffic to your website.

Module 3: Broken Link Building

Lesson 1: Finding Broken Links - Manual Techniques

  • Exploring relevant blogs and articles to identify broken links.

  • Using website navigation and internal search functions to uncover broken links within a website.

Lesson 2: Finding Broken Links - Automated Tools

  • Introduction to free broken link checking tools like Screaming Frog and Check My Links.

  • Utilizing these tools to crawl websites and identify broken links efficiently.

  • Filtering search results to find broken links relevant to your niche and content.

Lesson 3: Crafting Your Outreach Email for Broken Links

  • Revisit and analyze the provided template for contacting website owners about broken links.

  • Personalize the email template with specific details about the broken link and your relevant content.

  • Emphasize the value your content can provide to their website and audience.


Lesson One: Unveiling Broken Links - Manual Techniques

The Power of Broken Links

Imagine you're browsing a recipe website for a delicious cupcake frosting recipe, only to find a broken link where the key ingredient list should be. Frustrating, right? Broken links not only hinder user experience but also reflect poorly on the website's overall quality.

This is where broken link building comes in. By identifying broken links on websites within your niche and offering your relevant and valuable content as a replacement, you can secure a valuable backlink for your Wix website. It's a win-win situation: you help the website owner improve their content, and you gain a backlink that boosts your SEO.

Here are two effective manual techniques:

Become a Website Detective: Explore relevant blogs, articles, and websites within your niche. Click on links throughout the content to see if they function properly. Broken links will typically lead to a "404 Page Not Found" error message.

Utilize Internal Navigation: Many websites have internal search functions and navigation menus. Utilize these tools to explore different sections of the website and identify any broken links within the website's architecture.

Remember: While manual techniques are valuable for smaller websites, they can be time-consuming for larger websites. We'll explore automated tools in the next lesson to streamline the process.


Lesson 2: Broken Link Hunting with Automation

Introduction to free broken link

Thankfully, there are free and paid tools to automate the broken link hunting process:

Free Broken Link Checkers: Utilize tools like Screaming Frog or Check My Links. These tools allow you to crawl a website and identify broken links efficiently.

Advanced Features: Many SEO tools offer advanced features for broken link building. For example, Ahrefs allows you to filter search results by "broken" or "missing" to identify broken links on competitor websites or websites within your niche.

Pro Tip: Don't just blindly scrape broken link lists. Prioritize websites with content relevant to your own and those with a Domain Authority (DA) similar to or slightly higher than yours.


Lesson 3: Crafting Your Backlink-Winning Outreach Email

Now that you've identified broken links, it's time to craft compelling outreach emails to website owners.

Let's revisit and analyze the provided template:

Subject: Improving Your Links: [Topic of Their Broken Link] on [Their Website Name]

This subject line is personalized and informative. It highlights the specific broken link you found and mentions their website name, grabbing their attention.

Hi [Website Owner Name],

Personalization is key! Use tools like or Voila Norbert to find the website owner's name for a more professional touch.

I came across your website while browsing for information on [Topic related to their website].

This opening sentence establishes how you found their website and demonstrates genuine interest in their content.

I enjoyed your article on [Specific article with the broken link].

Be specific! Mention the article title where you found the broken link, showcasing you've actually engaged with their content.

However, I noticed that the link to [text of the broken link] seems to be broken.

Inform them about the broken link in a clear and concise manner. Include the exact text of the broken link for easy reference.

I actually have a similar piece on my website about [Topic of your relevant content] that might be a valuable replacement.

Here's where you introduce your own content. Briefly highlight the topic of your content and explain how it aligns with the broken link on their website.

You can check it out here: [Your relevant content URL]

Provide a direct link to your relevant content, making it easy for the website owner to access it.

Of course, no worries if it's not a perfect fit! Just wanted to let you know in case it helps.

End the email on a friendly and helpful note. Don't sound pushy; let them decide if your content is a good replacement.


[Your Name]

[Your Website Name]


  • Keep your email concise and professional.

  • Proofread carefully before sending.

  • Personalize each email with specific details for better response rates.

Broken link building is an excellent strategy for acquiring valuable backlinks, but it's more than just a numbers game.  By reaching out to website owners and offering valuable content, you're initiating communication and fostering potential relationships within your niche.  These connections can lead to future collaborations, guest blogging opportunities, or simply industry knowledge exchange.

The key takeaway from this module is understanding that broken link building is a strategic approach, not a one-off tactic.  By combining effective outreach with high-quality content creation, you can build a network of connections that empowers your SEO efforts for the long term.

Remember, building trust and offering value are crucial elements in any successful online relationship.  So, go forth, find those broken links, and use them as a springboard to build a thriving online presence for your website!

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